[Solved] Can I change the speed of Text-to-speech?


Recently the text-to-speech has become really faster than previously (at least for Japanese language).

Is there an easy way to change it?

Thank you


Japanese is the fastest spoken language in the world.

They probably changed it because it was too slow. :thinking:

Before that it was already fast, even if acceptable.

Hi @kanjivorifdm,

I’m not aware of any change on our end that would affect this.

Furthermore, each device has it’s own TTS engine and settings so I don’t thing this is something we can change. It’s like the way that the camera component works with your device’s default camera app, the text gets read out by you phone’s text-to-speech app.

Did you update your device recently? Did you change the system defaults (either through settings or another app, perhaps?)


Hi @domhnallohanlon,

Thank you very much, you solved my problem :slight_smile:

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