[Solved] Back button in my app. How to remove it?

i would really like to know how to remove this header

i saw a guy app on youtube and he did not have the back and app name at the top how do i remove this?
his vid below

In case that you are talking about the Stack navigator you can change this in the settings panel of the navigator. https://docs.thunkable.com/stack-navigator#hide-your-header

tried this still seeing the Back and app name under the status bar. in the guy app its not there is this something available in pro?

Nice to hear from you again @Mikas_3D. You are seeing this because you are live testing your app.

When you install your app you will no longer be able to see the back button and app name

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ooh ok Domhnall

no worries @Mikas_3D

I’ve edited your original question to include a screenshot of the title bar / back button that you were referring to so it’s clearer to future readers!

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