[SOLVED 2/2/24 9:21 PM EDT] How to Integrate Facebook Audience Network Ads

Hi Community!

Is their any way we can Implement Facebook Audience Network Ads in my Thunkable App?
I want to do so because of some conflicts with Admob.
In Thier Docs, I only found the Android SDK Integration.

Thanks, whoocoder

From an official Thunkable standpoint, the only ad network that we currently support is AdMob.


The only way I “guess” you can do it is via the WebView component, which means you would need a website that has Facebook ads, and put that website in your app.

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But if I do so, impressions would be counted of that website, there is no website like that having a single Interstial or banner.

Hence the " in “guess”

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Hmm, Adding this to Feature Requests