Setting RotateZ in the new UI

I am trying to replicate the horizontal slider from the below tutorial:

The new Drag&Drop builder hasn’t got the row or column component so using the group component instead however I can’t seem to find the way to rotate the component.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I think you’re mistaken.

The issue is not about the unavailability of rows and columns in the DnD UI. To recreate the tutorial, you need the group component to have scroll option which is missing now.

Once you are able to activate the scroll (horizontally and vertically) you will not need RotateZ option at all.

At the moment, this feature is not available.

Thank @muneer!
Are you aware of any other ways to create a data viewer with horizontal scroll?

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You can use the custom data viewer layout. Design it in the old UI (StP) and then you can use it in the DnD UI.

See this demo for horizontal scrolling which you can incorporate in the custom data viewer layout.

NOTE: This workaround works on the phone not on the computer.

I was trying something similar however when I add the data viewer in the DnD UI it only allows vertical sliding. The content is rotated horizontally as it should be.

If I could rotate the data viewer or a container I could get what I want.

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At the moment this is not available in DnD.