Set date for Date Input


How can you set the date value for the Date Input?

Right now it defaults to current date and user can change the date but I cannot set the date from the code side. There are only blocks for GetDate but nothing to Set the date.



When X Thunkable help make it impossible.

Hey @actech,

Sorry. Not sure I understand. :grimacing:

Is there a way to set the value of the Date Input from the code?


This blocks does not exists

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There is a difficult way to create such a function, but it requires programming skills.

@actech how I can do this?

See the example of working With JavaScript scrFramework and scrExchange. If you understand how they are made, you can use Javascript to add functionality that Thunkable x doesn’t have. Consider Javascript as well as the WebViewer component as a way to create extensions.


:scream: really interesting!!! tkssss. I’ll report soon about my study.

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