Sending Notification to Specific User with Onesignal

Hmmm Im sending this. image
Do I need something more then?

Try using the generate Json from object → create object block to create your Json. That will help ensure correct formatting.

Then compare your Json body to that which is provided in the OneSignal documentation. Are the identical or accurate?

I would also set your headers using blocks but that’s just my preference. I like to see it all together.

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Thanks a lot for fast feed back, Jared.
Can you please help me with how the block should look like.

Something like this but not exactly. You’ll have to fill in the blanks.


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You also need “”. for the users Id.


Thanks a million to jacob1 for this great idea!

Like many others, I struggled to get this working. Below is a picture of my “all block” solution to sending a push message ('cuz this is Thunkable, right?)

You will notice that the Headers do not include the Authorization parameter. Interestingly, when using the include_player_ids parameter, the API key is not required. One less piece of secure information you do not need to include in your app.

I tried to use the query parameters block, but I kept getting errors so I finally switched to the body block. It is important to note that unlike the query parameters and header blocks, the body block is TEXT not a JSON object, so you need to use the GENERATE JSON FROM OBJECT block to get the body to work correctly.

Happy Thunking!


This is great, thank you both so much!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I have a question, do these notifications work even if the user is not online? If I activate a specific time, will you send me a notification when it is fulfilled?

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I don’t know how One Signal works for offline devices. Sorry :frowning:

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Hi - yes that’s correct, if you schedule a onesignal notification, even if the user is not using the app it will trigger the notification. If the device is offline you can set the TTL (time to live) of the notification for a set period until the devices comes back online, default I think is 3 days but you can view info here:


Hi Drted, can you help me please?
How have you done to send notifications to a specific user?
I did the same with the image you posted, but it doesn’t work.CaSSSSptura

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I have a few questions and comments:

  1. Unless you have a Pro Thunkable account, you can only test this on an Android Device. Live test using the web app does not work. Are you testing this using the Android Thunkable Live app?
  2. Did you set up your One Signal Account?
  3. Does the One Signal website list your device?
  4. Try testing a push notification from the One Signal Website. Did that work?
  5. Is the alert displaying?
  6. What error message are you receiving in the alert?

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thanks for answering me
yes i’m thunkable pro
my android device is registered to a signal
I did a test from the onesignal website and it worked perfectly
I did the tests live
do not compile the application

Try the following changes:

  1. Change Content-Type from “aplication/json” to “application/json”
  2. Change the screen to Scrollable = true
  3. Add a label below the button
  4. Change the WebAPI call to the following
  5. On the android device, reload the application and click the button. Only click once, it will take a few seconds to finish.
  6. Send me a screen capture of what the device message says.
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Thank you very much brother, thanks for the help, thanks for the help, you helped me solve
the problem was as you said
I have written aplication/json and was application/json
I just did the test and if it worked :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you very much You’re the best, Greetings from Argentina I send you a hug

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Does this same method work for iOS? I just have to change the app id
Anyway thank you very much, you helped me with what I needed :smiley: :laughing: :grin: :grin: :smile:

I haven’t tested it on iOS, because I have not set up my Apple Developer Account. If you are able to make iOS work, please post that information to the Discussion group so others can learn from your experience!


great, i will try to test on ios, thanks

I was wondering if I can send a notification to specific user when he is not on the app.
do you explanation here about per user notification work when the user is not active?

Yes the push messages work even when the user does not have the app running.

Thank you for your reply.
I have another question, let’s say that I make it work and I want to send a notification to that specific user, where do I do it, and how? will I be able to do this in the OneSignal website?
sorry if question was too much. I will appreciate any answer.