Saved screens are public?

Hi all,
saving a screen for later reuse is a great feature. Today I discovered when editing a saved screen its status says “public”. There is a switch labeled “public” but when I switch it to “private” is goes back to public instantly.

Are saved screens really public or is it just a false label? Could it be possible to view other’s screens?

I’m not sure about Screens in particular but as a free user of Thunkable, your entire project is public and viewable by anyone.

If you are a Pro user, you can set the visibility of a project to Public or Private. I’m not sure if that’s true for Screens as well.

Hi @tatiang,

I am a PRO user:

  • I can set my projects to public or private
  • today I detected I am not able to alter the status of the “saved screens”. They remain public.

My question was, are they truely “public” or is it just a fault flag?

I see what you mean now:

I’m guessing it’s false but it would be good to have some clarification from @Steven or @Jane.


This will be interesting… :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. They are all technically public in that they have a flag set indicating as much. But, there isn’t any way for other users to find them at the moment. We are working on an update now to hide both the switch to make them private and the label from @tatiang’s image to avoid further confusion. We will also ensure that even if a user were able to a saved screen from another user, they won’t have the ability to view them unless they are the owner.

So the short answer is that they are effectively private.