Save file audio and text file in hidden directory

hello everyone…
I want to create my own audio player for my store.
The purpose of making this music player is to play promotional music and keep a log to know if the music is playing or not.
I’m having trouble saving the music, so it can’t be deleted or played with another player. It means storing audio in a hidden format that can only be deleted automatically with my own player. and also in keeping its logs.
For the “thunkable” feature itself, is there any? or do I have to add an extension or something like that?
Please help. Thank you.

Hi, welcome to Thunkable. I don’t understand why you’re needing to hide sound files. Can’t you just upload them to the Thunkable project and then allow the user to play the sounds? The user won’t be able to delete the sound files or do anything with them except play them in the app.

The essence of hiding the audio is so that no one changes it with another audio file.
and the reason for not uploading to the Thunkable app is that the audio is sent centrally and will be downloaded by the audio player. So you don’t keep streaming audio from the server so that it can be played locally. and when connected to the network, the player will send its logs to the server so they can be monitored.

This is not possible. If you’re not streaming you’d need to download and that’s not possible. Not with Thunkable. You can’t download an audio file in the app and then play it later.

You could with the webviewer I suppose. But that’s really convoluted

So basically, Thunkable doesn’t provide features to support schemes like this?

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