Save a textbox entry without pressing any button

I’d like to autosave the text entered in the textbox fields (name, address, number) automatically so if the user closes the app or changes page and then comes back the fields will be already filled as he left it.

I’m thinking about saving every few seconds but would probably stress the phone? Or not so much?

I could check every x seconds if the textbox entry is similar to the saved one and save in case it’s different, don’t know if it would less stress the cpu-battery-phone.

Any suggestions?

Checking everything to see if they changed would likely be more demanding on the cpu than simply saving everything every few seconds, because checking means pulling the previous value out of storage for comparison, which is as much work as saving. Plus, you have that comparison and the saving.

Directly saving is therefore at least saving the checking operation.

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Hello! I am wondering if you came to a final solution for this. I am interested in this as well. What worked for you?

Check it from scrFinder on ACtech demo project (see link on bottom)

Best regards, Alex
ACtech demo project
Thunkable X Basic Programming Course
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Bug tracker

I did it but I’m not sure if it’s resource intensive