Representing large dynamic data from firebase in app

Hey there, i am new to thunkable and trying to build a app which shows data from different sensors in real time mode and one week log for each sensor. I am able to represent data in real time mode with tons of labels (to just meet dynamic nature of data) which slow down app is there any other way to represent dynamic data in decent way,

Hi @nasr4oneofnp :wave: welcome to the community!

Couple of quick clarifying quesitons:

What’s your sampling rate here? If you’re taking several samples per second, and there are 604,800 seconds in a week, then you will easily end up with several million data points.

Are you looking for graphs/charts here, or does this come back to sampling rate again?

What sort of app are you trying to build?

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Charts, you say?!? :eyes:

Thanks for response.
Application to display temperature Readings from multiple sensors(Number of sensors may vari from 1 to 144.) each sensor sends 2 types of readings, 1st type is current reading and 2nd is hourly log for each day upto 1 week.
don,t need graph or chart, just need to display discrete data as (sensor name , temp-Value, Humidity-Value- Date and Time )

Are you able to currently pull the data into your app? If so, can you display it in a label?

Can you provide a sample of the Json response from the API? That would help us help you.

I’m imagining you don’t want to display rod data and you want to display specific values. By showing us the data structure we can help you design your blocks.

Yes, now I can pull data from firebase in app, I can represent specific data in labels but app get slows as I still need to add more blocks to represent other half of data which may more slower app that’s why I need to know if there is any other way represent data, I can use list viewer but list viewer doesn’t support styling etc