Reaching the Thunkable team

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to reach the Thunkable team regarding a serious issue for almost a week, contacting via both the websites live chat feature and the hello@ email address. I’m trying here as well as I see staff members have posted here.

Can a staff member please reach out to me?


This will notify @domhnallohanlon and @jane. Hopefully, one of them can let you know soon about your issue.

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Thanks for pinging them, appreciated.

@domhnallohanlon @jane For further context, the email I sent has the subject of “Security Vulnerability Disclosure.” Can you confirm that you have at least received the email? Thank you.

Hi @iflylocc - thanks for trying to reach us! I will get back to you shortly :slight_smile:


Hey @cassandra, I replied to your email around 2 weeks ago. However, it may not of went through due to email issues on my end. (sorry!)

Can you confirm whether you’ve received my responses or not? If not, I’ll resend them.

Thank you!

Hi @iflylocc - I did not receive anything from you. can you please resend it and DM me the email address it should be coming from?


I can’t seem to be able to DM you, but I’ve resent the email directly to your email this time, as opposed to replying to the Intercom thread.

It’s the same email that the other emails were sent from, where the localpart contains iflylocc.

Thanks again!

I thought that reply would explicitly ping you, so just in case: @cassandra

My apologies for the double ping if it ends up doing it twice, I’m not really that familiar with Discourse.