Random word generator (from huge list)

Is there a quick way to paste in thousands of words for a random word generator, or is the only method entering one at a time?

Hi @runninutes0cyxr, Welcome to Thunkable!

If you’re using a local data source, there is no way to import a .csv or otherwise bring in a large data set.

If you’re using a cloud-based data source such as Google Sheets, AirTable, or Firebase then I believe those all support importing of .csv files or similar.

Thank you! I do have Google sheets. I’m a beginner, and so I’m not sure what to do…

How do I import the csv from Google Sheets to my app?

You would create a Google Sheet (which you can do manually or via .csv import) and then sync that as a data source in Thunkable. You don’t actually import anything into Thunkable. You just connect the Google Sheet to Thunkable.

Google google sheet thunkable to get started.

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