Push notification for ios

What Thunkable has done for me most is help me understand the processes of get an app on your phone, from creating the files for the app to getting it on the Google App Store.

What I know from having learned so much is that the current android market requires push notifications to stand a chance of keeping active user numbers up.

With this being such a hot topic right now, will this be one of the first features available when the iOS version goes live, or is it going to be 12 months or so before it will be available on thunkable?

This question is purely for the admin, I know some have speculated in the pasted but I need to know so I can schedule my own projects (with a rough time frame of course I’m not trying to be demanding or anything :relaxed:).

Push notifications is yet in private Thunkable server, although there is not so much progress. But after making iOS stable version, Thunkable will return to work with Push notifications for both platforms.

Thanks for the reply. How do I get an invite to use the push notifications you’ve screenshot above?

There is no invite. It’s a private test server.

This is private beta server & it is not accessible by everyone. It is not ready for open-testing, meaning you cannot test it. Also, there is only baby steps taken for this component, it is not usable yet (there is blocks yet for this component, it just exists)

So it isn’t available to test?


How can I get access then please?

It is not accessible, no one can access it except Thunkable staff.