Public gallery sort key?

How are projects sorted in the Public Gallery tab of the Projects page?

I assume they are sorted chronologically with the newest project at the top-left. Is that correct?

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check Public Gallery Sort Key by name

Do you know a way to do that? Because I don’t see any options for sorting. Or do you mean filtering? I’m already filtering by username. I want to sort the results or at least understand what the default sort is.

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Do you mean you do not see this?


Sorry, I assumed you meant My Projects because the link you provided takes you there. I got what you mean now and you are correct, there isn’t one.

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Not on the Public Gallery tab, no.

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There’s only filter there… and I found a logic in that… What would be the sort key ? Release date as the first time a project is created ? Project there are in a such of dynamic… Anyone is constantly modifying their projects and so on (even an access of an app by the developer will count as a modify, as i found on my apps … So that key is irrelevant. Just my guess…

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They should be sorted by date modified. But really, there should be consistency across tabs on the Projects Page. So just like with the My Projects tab, the Public Gallery should have the option to view by grid or list, to sort by name or date modified, and to search/filter by project name (after filtering by category or username).


I’ve also created a Feature Request for this issue:


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