Problem with web API sending an email

i tried to look for a solution before to write here but i found only a solution that use Gmail API.
I need to send an email to “emailuser’s.Text” after clicking Button1, but it doesn’t work.
I attach my code block, and my Google Script.

Please, could you help me?

Thanks in advance…

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I would get setup with sendInBlue or sendgrid tbh. They both have attractive free plans.

This is a hard setup to debug. Did you initialize the script?

There’s no purple api POST block here. You need that

Thank you for your reply. If i would use sendinblue how i have to work?
Can you explain me?

I found a new solution. I used two google sheet with query, so admin can confirm the registration using a simbol “X”. In this way the record with X can be copied in a new sheet.
Thanks to all.

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