Problem to send Base64 to my Web API

Hello guys, i’m trying to receive a Base64 in my Web API from Thunkable application, i’m trying to do this with POST METHOD, but when my API receive the code all the " + " character in the Base64 is missing, failing the convertion to a image. Some one know what to do ? i’m using PHP to receive de Post.

i need to receive the Base64 like $_POST[‘img’]

and this is my API script to convert the Base64 POST Method

Hello @sammycri
Try to make the body as it is in the screenshot below

dont work, send a empty post

You usually need to explicitly set a header as well. In this case Content-Type : application/Json

with “application/Json” my API catch nothing

It’s best to post a screenshot or link to your project each time you try something. Without seeing your blocks, we can’t really help!