Position button text to the left

How can I position the text inside a button to the left, like a label would show.



Hi there,
My solution is. …
Umm. …Add right-padding until no margin.


Add a new button and set the flexDirection = row property for it.




I have an image in the background and I’m having issues moving the text in a corner because the align self has to be set to stretch for the image to apply to the whole button

I know I marked as solution but upon further testing, it doesn’t appear to work with multi line. Let me show you what I need it to look like. Ignore the messages I was sending in app :stuck_out_tongue: Just look at the text alignment.

This is what the app looks like. As of now I am using labels. When extended list viewer comes out which I am fairly certain will have photos, then I will be switching to that of course, IF it supports multi line :roll_eyes:

Do you get me with what I need?

Many thanks

Sorry, but I did not understand. Do you want to look like on the buttons?

The app sends text messages of unlimited length. I am changing to buttons so I can implement a photo sending feature!

Text messages can be paragraphs upon paragraphs long. And I need to be able to position the text like you see above (the above photo uses labels, not buttons) so when a message goes to the second or 50th line if somebody needs that many, then I must support this and have the text messages align to the left.

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I understood. A simple solution is a hamburger widget with a transparent button above the label.

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What do u mean?
Can u explain more sir?

Create a column, Label into it, and on top it will cover the transparent button with absolute positioning and 100% dimensions.


Ah yes. But a 2 layer hamburger as such? So must I put the label inside a column/row and then set the column to the correct size, and then label and button to fill container?

Let me give this a try :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

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I just did it for my app and it works;

Label and button are in the colum, the label positioning is absolute and you can offset its edges to make it ‘stick’ where you want it to, the position will be absolute relative to the column and will overlay with the button, that you can leave untouched.

Beware though that if the button is raised it will always be in front of the label, other wise you can use ZIndex to decide which one stays on top of the other in case you willwant to use this for future apps or situations

But if it is inside a column or row, not work.

you must position the button correctly so that it is on top of the label

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