Poor performance when calling functions

As you know, in the new updates to Thunkable X, blocks have become faster. However, when I started the custom list, I didn’t see any increase in speed. How can this be, if the creation of components has increased 10 times?

Look at the example below. An empty “do something” function is called in it. Execution time = 0.5 seconds

The problem is that the code above is significantly slower than the code below, which uses a lot of blocks. The operating time is 0.048 seconds.

If all the blocks in the red frame are placed in a separate function, the execution time will be 0.74 seconds.

In other words, using the function caused the execution speed to drop by about 10-15 times! This is a very large drop in performance.


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Thanks for the feedback @actech - have you filled a GitHub issue about this?

Domhnall, I didn’t report this because I’m not sure my messages can be taken seriously. The fact is that I consider Thunkable X from the position of a programmer who may have special requests - reliability, performance of the interpreter engine, dynamics, functionality, etc. Perhaps my vision of Thunkable X is very different from how developers see It, for this reason I decided not to give any more suggestions and messages, so as not to confuse developers.