Polylines with Cross Platform

Hi, I am new in Thunkable community. I need to generate a Polyline “Live” on Google Maps while walking or running (like in some Running Apps). I tried to follow the explanations given by Thunkable but I was not able to do it (I could not find some blocks in the new Thunkable Cross Platform like the “create list”, etc.).
I need to start this function with a button; to be able to pause it; to stop it; to erase the track and to be able to save and then load it.
I also need to compute how many kilometers and meters have been run/walked and let it appear on a “label” field (that is to convert lat/lng movements into this format…for instance: 10km 50m). Thanks to anybody who can help!!!

P.S. If it is not asking for too much I would need also to compute the avg time/km and how many steps (like a pedometer sensor). Thanks so much!


To begin, you can see an example of this. I think using openrouteservice.org service is possible to calculate the distance and more.


Thanks for your help!