Please tell me how to post to an external URL (SNS)


Please tell me how to post to an external URL (SNS).

I would like to pick up and copy the contents registered in Data Sources like images and post them on SNS.
I can use “open link” to display the post page in “Web View”, but I can’t reach the post page while retaining the picked-up copy.

Is it possible to move to the posting page of SNS and reflect it in the posted content while keeping the picked up and copied content?

Please help me because I don’t know how to deal with it.

Thank you.


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Your explanation is too general and makes it difficult to provide an answer. SNS is a wide definition and what can be done using one social app might not be possible with another.

Please be specific and show an image of your code of whatever you tried.

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Thank you for your reply.
Specifically, I would like to post the registered schedule on Twitter.

As the flow of action, click the schedule (Date Viewer Item) registered on Screen5,
While holding the item, move to Screen 6 and display it on Label 14,
When I press the Tweet button, I want to display the contents of Label 14 on the Twitter post screen of the browser displayed in the Web Viewer.

I will also attach the referenced Date Sources.

Thank you.

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I would recommend you to use one of the integration tools such as Zapier, make (Integromat), IFTTT or similar.

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