Picture In Picture

Hi, i’m new at thunkable X and i have a webview app (Wordpress site). Here is the question:

Is it possible to Picture-in-Picture a vimeo embed video in my app?

On firefox, chrome and safari its an extension plugin. Thunkable do it too?

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thanks for your question @gabrielmirandalopess :+1:

Just so I understand you, you want to have a video playing in your app, and then you want a smaller video playing on top of that video?

Like the picture!

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Two or more videos playing at the same time in app will work. You cannot do picture in picture outside of the app, though this would be cool considering iOS 14 now supports this.

I’m trying to do picture in picture inside the app. But i dont know how =(

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Are you looking for this video to be global across the entire app? And display even when you move through screens?

Display only on the page. Not global!

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Something like this?


Thanks for your help!