Picture from URL?

This shouldn’t be that hard of an issue, but I have been trying to figure out where I am going wrong for a couple of hours now. I’ve added an image component to my app and I have a URL of the image I want to use. I add this URL to the properties and I have even tried setting it using a block and it does absolutely nothing. Is there something special to simply adding an image from a URL? I am looking at the image, so it does exist and I am copying the URL directly, but it still won’t show…

This should work but it may be dependent on where the image comes from. I have used many publicly sourced images in my projects. Instead of a file path I use the url

Perhaps some screenshots are in order to help diagnose here.

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Make sure the image is not hosted locally (on your computer). Also make sure that if it’s a Google Drive url that you have given access to “anyone who has the link.”

What is the url you are trying to use?

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Sure can! Here is my screenshot:

Here is the URL I’m trying to load:

I don’t know why I can’t get it to load… Green box is my image component. Edited to add the right pic.

I get a “Not Found” error message when I click on your link.

Or rather, I did. I just tried it again and it worked. Maybe try a different url just to make sure it’s not that specific site/server that’s the problem.


I didn’t get an error. I got a noaa picture.

Can you show how you’re setting the image in your blocks?

Sat here and mucked around with it for several hours and it wouldn’t load a thing. Magically it’s now working. I don’t know. Maybe I need a break?!


Ask and you shall receive! :raised_hands:

You must’ve done something right!