Phone call to a number

I would like my app with a button to make a phone call
to a number!

Try the call through the Web Viewer with a zero size.

The code in the first block is:

data:text/html,<meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/><body onload="document.getElementById('myLink').click()"><div id="myLink" onclick="location.href='tel:


Of course, you can make calls easier.

Instead of WebViewer.URL, you can use the “open link” block.


We’ll be adding a Phone Call component soon!


Thank you for your answer! When do you think that the next thunable updates for iOs will come out and also the possibility to download the file for the iOs app?

I would like to disable the rotation of my ios app on the screen

the android version of my app, I made it with AppInventor, with which I can download the setup file (.apk). With Thankable, is not this possible for my iOS app?

How do I find this phone call component?

Hi @actech

Can I have an example of how to place a blog? I’ve tried to do it but it doesn’t work.


In a blog you want to put it? This blog has the API?

Your image data: protocol used. It will not work on iOS app installed. I use this protocol only when working with Live.

If you need a data exchange between the WebViewer and App, you can do so using Firebase. This specific solution is to scrFramework7 project.

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Thunk you @actech

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Just FYI (not sure if it suits your particular need) There’s a built-in call block in the Share component


But when?

welcome to our community @ayanshm.dpschhj06392 what do you mean by when? the call block already exists

Hi I am from India and for some reason the calls are not working. So can I get to know when will your exclusive call block will be released.

Use the SHARE component

Hi Sir @albert
If the thunkable will add the phone call component It will be for iOS only or for android also

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As @codeswept suggested, use the Share component.