Part of the body of html in Web Viewer

Good evening
From this webpage
I would like in the Web Viewer to see only the content of the textbody

what should I fill in the placeholder of the Source
in the URI placeholder what should I fill in the placeholder of the
in the Method placeholder what a must i put
as a header and value of the header what a must i put
DataDetectorTypes : all?

Are there any further details I should know?
I already searched on that topic “Parsing HTML in Thunkable ✕ Cross Platform” but I still didn’ t find excactly what I searched for.

Thank you in advance
if you want to know any further details, let me please know.

See this code

find the app here on page 3. “Sandbox App” screen name “Parse”

dear jared good evening
I think i must be more accurate with my tricky problem.
First of all thank you very much for your advice and your time to spend for me.
In my app in the screen “LME” I want to show only a part of the web page el/press-center/metal-price of website of company.
the body of web page’s html code has many classes (title, banner, main, side menu, etc).
I want to show in my component only the content of class=right_bar which of course ends with / div as all classes of the body of the code of web page.
The code has no p and / p.
Must I put first occurence class=right_bar and last occurence div but how to give in the programm what exacly div i want?
and then, i must storage somewhere the parse code and put it my Web Viewer.
i give a shoot, let me show my try in the following block in my attached photo.
I made it with your initial thought and advice and my continue. , i understud you?
Correct and complete as you think the block .
and finally some last thought … maybe… something happend with the kind of web page? I mean maybe it should have ended with: p h p , h t m or something else?
Thanks .