**Paid** Debugging Job


We’re working on a rather complex onboarding app (approx. 20 screens) which is built entirely on Thunkable, including Firebase, Cloudinary, APIs and other integrations.

I am looking for a Thunkable mastermind with vast experience and creativity to run through our blocks, design and integrations - in detail - and help us with debugging, make improvement recommendations and optimize processes.

This is a PAID JOB, which is relatively urgent. Please be so kind to include a brief summary of your experience and perhaps examples to apps you’ve built on Thunkable to showcase your skills.

Thank you!


If you want a thunkable freelancer, you might get the best response by contating Domnhall at domhnall@thunkable.com

Otherwise people here can volunteer :slight_smile:



My name is Ioannis Roungeris and I am working as a Thunkable freelancer.

I also have a lot of experience using Firebase and Cloudinary and Xano.

You can find links to download the apps I have created on Thunkable: https://johnrougeris13.wixsite.com/my-site

One of my games has been awarded by Thunkable as the best game of 2021:

And also I get featured by Thunkable here:

You can find reviews from one of my customers on Linkedin recommendations: Ioannis Roungeris | LinkedIn

If you need my help, please inform me.


I consider myself an advance user in the above and you can cross check the community posts to see my many contributions related to the components you requested.


Hey @muneer, I have a project in thunkable i’m working on and wondering if I could get your help to wrap my head around this. It’s a paid opportunity and It’s not extremely complicated, but I do need assistance getting started and getting this going.

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Can you explain the tasks you want me to carry out for you?

You can send me PM for your project specifics.

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Hi Jon,
If you are still on the lookout for some help I would be glad to help you out, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson.56782@gmail.com
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,


Integration of the PayPal Payment into the APP

Good morning. I am new to Thunkable X. I am developing an APP with Thunkable X Starter version
as of today 20 October 2022. It is an APP that I intend to publish on the Google PlayStore and on the APP Store.
I need to use PayPal payment. I found an old paid version PayPal at this link of “cttricks”:

Interesting but the steps are not well understood and it is not updated as of today 20 October 2022.
In fact, there are several errors in the test phase.

I have sent messages several times but no one answers me. What happen? Who should I contact
to have a more updated version to date and with clearer explanations? Maybe even a video explaining the various steps? Also willing to pay for the aforementioned work.
Thank you.

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Hi John_Rouger

Can you make your application Chess Master available for buy on CodeCanyon or other marketplace?

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