Outlined text in canvas

If you need to use outlined text on a canvas, you will find this procedure useful.
Watch the video and download de aia. If you need it in your project, just copy the procedure from the demo app to the backpack.

OutlinedText.aia (12.1 KB)


@Italo How do you write Text to the Background of the Canvas without it overlapping at the Edges. in other words making it take up the html Properties such as break,space, etc.

i tried the canvas.Text properties but when printed on the canvas, it always overlaps at the edges. any ideas to make it print exactly as it is in the textbox with html styles?

As far as I know, there’s no way to make text in canvas to split when it reaches the edges.
It may be possible to do some calculations with the font size and the canvas width, then with a procedure, split the text and add lines by adding the font size value to the initial Y position of the text.
It sounds more complicated than it really is, I think.

Yes sounds Abit complicated. Is it the same procedure you used in your colorful status App?

No. I used a centered textbox there, the background image is an arrangement. Then used Taifun’s screenshot and crop extensions to cut the image.

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Smart! :kissing_heart:. Really wished the canvas could be used the way I wanted and planned the app idea.
Thanks Italo

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Yeah, me too. My main area of expertise is graphics and I find the canvas so limited that it drives me crazy not being able to make all the projects I have in mind. But, it’s a good exercise for the mind to find workarounds.

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Wow :clap::clap::clap:


it is possible to increase the size of outline?