Open Link Control Block and Variable URL Loaded from Airtable

Hi all,

A quick question… I just cannot seem to get this working and have searched for several hours now !

My Thunkable App is looking up a URL from Airtable. The URL will change depending on the Value that is used as the entry for the Lookup.

All is working and I get the returned URL.

I just cannot seem to be able to use the OPEN LINK Control Block to open a variable link.

It does work if I have a “fixed” URL in the OPEN LINK Block

Can anybody offer some advice ?

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Why not try using the variable URLDest instead of Label3’s text?

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The first step is to show the URL, before trying to use it, on a label or an alert message to see if the URL itself has a problem.

I can see that you are adding quotation marks to the start and end of it. Can you explain why?

Thank you very much for your help - appreciate it tremendously.

To answer your questions :

I was showing the URL into the Label in order to make sure that the correct value was arriving in the code.
The quotation marks were part of debugging my routine - trying and trying to resolve it myself !

I certainly have come a long way due to your comments. I added a wait 5 seconds immediately before the OPEN LINK and removed the quotations and now I am getting the OPEN LINK working. So I guess I just need to control the time taken to actually get the values loaded into the relevant variables and make sure that the values have loaded properly - then off and running.

For reference, I also note that in the live preview that if I used the variable URLDest in the OPEN LINK I got an error requiring RESET.

Would be very grateful to find a way to check that the URL has loaded into the Label3 Text before calling the OPEN LINK - just so if it is running on slower devices - then I dont have a permanent 5 second delay.

I do really appreciate all the help thank you.

Thank you very much for your help !

Have a great day !

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One way to make a wait is to loop every few milliseconds and check the block when initialize or change for the variable. This will insure that the URL is available in the variable URLDest before attempting to open the link.