:wave: Hello everyone,
today i’m here to share my work with you all great developers so you can use my resource to add more values to your app. i have made a simple “microservice” web service which returns the local-time for a given timezone in JSON. Some additional information is provided, such as whether that timezone is currently in Daylight Savings Time, when DST starts and ends, the UTC offset, etc.

$curl : "https://cttricks.com/api/timezone/{'area'}/{'location'}"

Success - 200
code : 200, abbreviation : "IST", client_ip : "" timezone: "Asia/Kolkata", day: "Saturday", day_of_year: 16, day_of_week: 6, week_number: 2, date: "16/01/2021", time: "06:42:19 pm", unixtime: 1610802739

Error - 401
code: 401, msg: "unknown location"

click here to view more info.

I know there are a lot more api available out there, but this is what i have made from my own learning and sharing with you all so you can give it a try and can make your own. How?

:page_with_curl: It’s Open source!

yup you read it correct, i have put this project open source so you can take a look and create your won JSON Time API. Just visit my website and check how everything works…

:smiley: If you are interestedand willing to make your own… the you can get the codes from my github.

Can anyone create a sample app?

It would be great if any developer will make a sample/exmaple project on x.thunkable to show how to use this, and also it’ll help others to use this api or there own api that they make using the source.


A big thanks to @Thunkable for providing such a great platform to share ideas, projects, works etc and building apps. @domhnallohanlon for always motivating developers to learn and do great stuff with resources.


hey @cttricks idk why but it always return undefined

Can you show me what you are trying to do?

take a look at this project - Thunkable

the url when i type in a new tab in chrome it shows the json but when i use in thunkable it returns empty

You should use get Object from JSON before extracting property.
Here is how you can do it correctly.



Sample project : Thunkable

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great worked can i know how you made url i also wanna know how to make a api