Online Realtime Bridge with Friends!

Back Story:

Every weekend, my friends and I used to play floating bridge (or Singaporean bridge) with tea, which was a great source of joy and relaxation for us. With the coronavirus outbreak, we couldn’t do this anymore. We tried looking for apps online to play the game remotely, but we couldn’t find any for the variant of bridge that we play; so, I set out to make one myself…

I now have a functioning prototype of the game, which we now play almost everyday! There are still bugs (sync issues) that we occasionally come across which I’m still trying to find and fix, but I find it incredibly cool that something like this is even possible with thunkable!

It’s certainly far from perfect, so I’d be much obliged if you guys could try it out and let me know what you think of it! You’ll need 3 friends to play a game.

How To Play:

Here’s an excellent youtube video that explains the rules for Floating Bridge:

Screen Shots:

Download Link (Android):

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Hey @gok99! This looks like a great app! any chance for an iOS download?

Hey @jared I’ve sent you a dm !

Quick Update :slight_smile:

Floating Bridge is now available for (early access) download on the play store:

You can play around with its source code as well here! :


@gok99 this is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

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