One for the "Silicon Valley" fans

With the end of season 4 fast approaching I’ve used Thunkable to create a fun app - Not Laptop - as a sort of homage to the “Not Hotdog” app the was developed on the show Silicon Valley and subsequently released as an actual app.

If you’ve seen the series you already know how the “Not Hotdog” app works but, in a nutshell, the Not Laptop app uses Artificial Intelligence to detect whether or not your photograph contains a Laptop…or not! :joy:

You can download it from the Play store here:

There’s lots of improvements to make but my intention is to use this as a teaching tool, to introduce If statements, procedures, timers etc. I’ll share the tutorials with the community when they’re ready!

Any and all constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!!


Interesting idea, great work! :thumbsup:


Hey, could you please tell me how you created this app?
I don’t know how you were able to use real time camera and label.
I guess we can create a camera app using your method (like our own design camera app).

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