OCR Space Error with thunkable?

When I use the OCR space API via webapi and OCR something I get the output:
{“ParsedResults”:[{“TextOverlay”:{“Lines”:[],“HasOverlay”:false,“Message”:“Text overlay is not provided as it is not requested”},“TextOrientation”:“0”,“FileParseExitCode”:1,“ParsedText”:“Infernahana) \r\n5ys/em of \r\n”,“ErrorMessage”:"",“ErrorDetails”:""}],“OCRExitCode”:1,“IsErroredOnProcessing”:false,“ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds”:“2166”,“SearchablePDFURL”:“Searchable PDF not generated as it was not requested.”}

Is this because the camera component uses jpg instead of png, or is this a matter to take up with OCR space?
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Hi Leland,

This looks to be correct - there is no error message displayed, this is the output of the JSON request from OCR - the data you need to capture is the “ParsedText” and use this in a label

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@Toxicl16, were you able to get this working in the end?