No Variable for Custom Map Style?


It looks the “Custom Map Style String” is not documented, so I had to figure out I needed to use;

To generate JSON, so that’s not particularly user friendly.

But also, why is there no variable for this? How can I allow users to choose between night / day styles, or remove custom items based on the map style (or for e.g. high contrast for accessibility).
Kodular, who also uses blocks, does have this feature (and many others - albeit some of them are buggy).

Link to Kodular Documentation

Feature Collection - Kodular Docs

In Advanced Properties (docs) it says “Map provider (ex. Google).” are there any options besides google? If not, please mention that, if there are, please list them.

Please can Thunkable try to improve the documentation and features because I try different things (like making an app that uses maps) and I’m just stopped in my tracks.

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