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what’s the best way you’re using to make appear a “New Version Available” button when you upload a new release and want your users to download it straight away?
And what’s your trigger?
I was thinking something like:
if (version < value).then (button.visibility.true)

But i didnt find such “block”, may you help?

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Store the value of the newest app version on a website, spreadsheet, Firebase etc.

When the user opens the app have the app check it’s current version against the latest version online.

If the app version = latest then let the user continue.

If app version < latest version then give user the option to upgrade to the newest version.

There is no block for this, you will have to create your own.

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This is what i thought too, but how i can determinate the user’s version?

I was thinking of:
if user version < latest, show the button.
On click button > increase +1 version user.

But what if the user clicks the button and at the end he doesnt update?
The button will do a +1 on user’s version, but in fact he will still have the oldest one.

What i meant if there’s a way, similar to a block that shows automatically the version number of the app

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When you create the app for the first time you can call it Version 1.0. Store this inside the app itself.

When user successfully updates then set the stored version to stored version + 1, but if they don’t update then leave the version as it is.


If app version < latest version
Then Ask User to Update.

If User wants to update
Then Update App
Else Let user continue using app

After the app is updated successfully set app version to latest version. Ensure the version is stored in the app itself.


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