New screen does not open anymore today

Hi all,

yesterday I added another screen to my app. It opens when a button on the “Start”-screen is pressed. Today it does not work any more, how can that be? I’m pretty shure I saw it working yesterday (May 22nd 2019).

My structure:

  • on top there is a Stack_Navigator
    – I have 9 screens inside the Stack_Navigator. They open, when buttons are pressed.
    – Yesterday I added a new screen “ListP”, it is also inside the Stack_Navigator. Yesterday it opend, when a button on the start screen gets pressed.
    – Today, this screen does not open any more, all other screen behave normal. All buttons are working (I can open other screens).

The problem shows up in Testmode and downloaded on iOS. I compared all the settings in the new screen with the settings in an “old”, working screen.


It should open “ListP” from “Start”-screen. All other screens can be opened.

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I had a similar problem. I added another screen to StackNavigator and after that I can’t switch to this screen or to another 3 screens that were opened yesterday or the day before yesterday. And all the rest - 20-25 screens work.

In this project, Live on iOS and Android does not open screens from the Base section (except AirTable)

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i have same probleme
@thunkable @domhnallohanlon
please take a look at this
thanks alot