NEW APP: Nothing To See Here(in Amazon App Store)

I made an app for the Amazon App Store called “Nothing To See Here”. It’s a game where the button attempts to stop you from touching the button. I would love if you(whoever sees this) checked it out and provided feedback. :slight_smile: :+1: :lips::heart:

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Can you share the link?

How did you incorporate the amazon API into thunkable I thought that had to be done at the Manifest level. Where thunkable does not grant us access.

I believe this should be it

Since Amazon OS is based off of Android, apps made with Thunkable will automatically work on Amazon devices, as well as Android. :grinning: :thumbsup:
PS: I feel like this might come up so: I got ads on the app through
PPS: I found out that admob(unless inserted directly through the use of Android Studio/Eclipse/etc.) does not work with apps for the Amazon Market, so I inserted my ad-ID into the textbox.
Hope this helps____________


I was under the impression that Amazon Market apps are required to use amazons SDK so that your app is properly formatted to amazons market styling and that these attributes were nested in the manifest.

It looks like they have redacted their former SDK policies COOL!