Need Help! Sound source Firebase: How to create duration slider or skip to particular time button?

Hi… This couple of days I have searched for solution as subject above but did not find a solid way of doing it… I am trying to create a Podcast app & a slider or skip button is one of the main component for this app… Your help is highly appreciated…:slight_smile:

I can get the sound to load from Sound component & the play, pause, resume & stop buttons are working awesome… Now what’s left is a slider or button to skip to user’s desired time… Podcast’s audio duration is quite long… If user have to listen from the beginning when they stopped the audio in the middle or almost the end of the Podcast, they have to listen everything again… Or if they want to rewind at some good notes to listen to it again & again, they have no option for this… Not a good option for the users…

I have tried to load the sound through webviewer & view the player that Firebase uses but the output is different on Android & for IOS there was error to show the player…

:point_up_2: Android

:point_up_2: IOS

Hi, if in a personal message for me you give a link to your project, then I’ll see it.

Hi @actech … Thanks for replying… Please check PM…:+1: