Need help connecting this api ;(

can someone please make me blocks on how i can make api from this site to be used on my app.personal message me or email me i would really appreciate alot

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Hi there,

The ‘cURL’ instructions in that API documentation tell you how to name a parameter and what kind of values to pass to it. You just need to form a query string with your desired parameters.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

I myself find it extremely handy if you download the json by using the keys on your keyboard Ctrl + s, then uploading that json to firebase database by making a new firebase project, and in the database where you can add data, go to the three dots on the right and click import json. Select the saved json and upload it. That way you can find paths easier if you are unsure or keep getting errors. I have had an issue before with lists where the actual json url did not show a zero in the paths to get to the list, so firebase really helps sometimes.

To retrieve the data simply follow this tutorial. For the piece of data you want, you enter its tag in the first get property block, in the second one you enter its next path and so on so fourth.

If there is only 1 path, then you only need one block. But remember the get object from json. This is extremely important so your app can understand the data it is getting.

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thank you for your response is there anywhere i can reach you :slight_smile:

You can message me here in this post. This means if anybody else sees this post, they may have a better answer for you, and it benefits everybody searching for posts.

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in that case. i suck at programming and just like you i wanna make app that benefits other but i just cant understand how to make it work can you give me step by step tutorial like for design what things do i need and how to get metar taf and other reports that would be very helpful as im still in learning process for programming/thunkable

Well to start off, the best thing to do is google designs of cool app designs, relating to what you are building. Once you get a sweet design you can make a rough testing project to test if the way you want blocks to work, that they will work. Then you work on implementing this into your application.

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