My own (the user) Score in a List

Hi All

I need a short guidance on creating a stored list of my (the user) score per game
I have honnestly tried many variants but unsuccessfully. It should be enough by Saving each score to a list right? And the List it self must be a “stored” rather than App or Cloud
I only get null as response… Even if i do get a response i was not successfull in saving that into a list that increases with my scores…

@tatiang @jared

We would need to see your blocks to know why it’s not working.

Without seeing your blocks, the only thing I could suggest is to not use the List [gear] block.

OK Check this.
The app variable is a “make a list”
The Stored value value Slutpoängstored is the value after a round that i want to save in a list of all my scores - And i want to show this list of scores in the My Scores Text block… Clearer now?

PS i got the list to work now - BUT the listvariable must not be a stored item - Then it fails with NULL as result. So how can i make sure the list is maintained for next run - Tomorrow for instance…?

Any time you use a stored variable, you have to check if it’s null when the screen opens and if so, give it an initial value (in this case, empty list).

I understand what you mean - and i tried different version of that yesterday - without success…
Should not this work??..
Or am I thinking / doing something wrong here…?

No, keep it really simple. If stored variable myscores = null then set stored variable myscores to empty list.

Do that for every stored variable, choosing a starting value that makes sense… for a list, use empty list; for a numeric value use zero; for text use an empty string “”, etc.


Ahaaa… OK Ill try that - Again Thanks
Perfect - With a few tweeks it worked…
Big Thankjs

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