My New App: EV3 Tools




I made an app to control a Mindstorms EV3. Does anyone have an idea to make it better.
Screenshots and the download can be found on this page.

NXT Tools - Control Your NXT 2.0

Do you have that robot? Just asking


No, I have the NXT 2.0. I am busy now copying the app and make it working for NXT 2.0 too


This looks great @Sander0542, well done.

Are you involved in the FIRST Lego League by any chance?


No, I am not. I have heard about it a few times, but I don’t know what it really is


You can now download this app on Google Play!!!


My EV3 Tools App reached 250 downloads!


This app now reached 500 download! :slight_smile:


Nice project, Sander.


You dont have to ask on every post I made about my mindstorms app

Here is your answer


Hey there
Can we have AIA of your app please ?
I want to add some functionnalities :smiley: