My guitar tuner by reference

Hello friends! I made this simple app to make easy for people to tune their guitars as they are also training their ears. I got the idea from an app made by Taifun, the app is simple but it does the job and has been download more than a hundred times, so I am really happy with the results. If you have any suggestions or ideas, I would appreciate them. Thank you, thunkable friends!


Nice work buddy!
How could your app be 10.79 MP?
The limit size is 10MP.
Would you reply, please?
Thanks a lot!

Really? I have not idea. :slight_smile:

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Hey there can you teach me how to make it?:blush:

maybe, I dont know if I can be good at teaching though!

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Or you can pm me the AIA file (only if u want to) …:sweat_smile: but dnt worry im not gonna use it or any purposes, i just wanna learn thats it.