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There is an app developed by me and it’s available on google play named AIIR. You can install it and send me any problem, crashes or any ideas to improve my app. But if you like my app please rate it and comment me on google play. Use following link.

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If satisfied of using this app please don’t forget to share it. If any problems or crashes was detected please don’t write them on comment section on google play. write them below. :speech_balloon: If someone can help me to solve the thunkable X API problem I will publish more apps reward him with a code to get a paid app for free. :gift:

“My AIIR paid app is free for august 16 to august 18 so don’t forget to install it!”

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The new version of the given app is available on google play with more features!.. :+1:


  • Emoji recognizer
  • Image recognizer
  • Text to speech
  • Share component
  • Much faster

"Not compatible with tablets!"

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AIIR (normal) Status

Total installs : 13
Total unintalls : 7
Active devices : 6
Best installed country : India :india:
Installed country : Sri Lanka , Hungary ,UK , Sweden, Australia, Iraq.
Rating : 5.00
Comments : 01
target : 50 active installs to make AIIR (pro) 100% free

AIIR (pro) status

Total installs : 0
Total unintalls : 0
Active devices : 0
Best installed country : None
Installed country : None.
Rating : None
Comments : None
target : 05 active installs to make AIIR (pro) 100% free
Price : LKR 170
Revenue : 0


My AIIR paid version will be free for august 16 to august 18 So don’t forget to download it!

Upcoming new app!..

Friends good marketing game
Talking phone
Short note

Strategic marketing simulator

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  5. Hit 4 five star ratings for AIIR paid app.

If someone can complete one of these things I can make my AIIR paid app for free for 7 days

What’s your choice? Which app do I firstly need to create? I am up to your choice.

  1. if you firstly need the “friends good marketing game” please like the 6th post
  2. If you firstly need the “Talking phone app” please like this 8th post
  • this is a voting
  • the most likes reserved app will be firstly out
  • voting will get closed on 15th

I don’t understand what your app does. You should say what it is about and make a video. I can help, just ask and if you tell me I can write a description for you.

I agree!

@Mark_Osborn But the problem is his account is suspended so you can’t write a description for him. But you can email him a description