Moving sprite as slider moves

I am trying to move a sprite in sync with the slider. Not sure how to do it. I need to move the sprite (lamp) as the slider moves. Any suggestions for moving sprites with slider is much appreciated!

Capture 1|385x500

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Show your blocks. A screenshot or a link to the project.

Thank you for your quick response. I have just started using thunkable. Using blocks for the first time. Still trying to figure how to use it. Link below is the project I am working on.

The blocks you’re using…

…are going to move the sprite 20 pixels to the right each time the Slider changes value (after being moved either left or right).

What you want instead is to use the green value button to relocate the sprite. So you’ll need to figure out the range of movement (e.g. x=150 to x=350) and then change the sprite’s x value to the base value (e.g. 150) plus some multiplier of the green value block.

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I changed it this way

Looks much better. Multiply the value of the slider by 2 and add 80.


Thank you. Yes, the lamp moved in response to the slider.

Thank you for the clarification.