Moving Character Left/Right with Arrows

Hello, I am having an issue with a small little game I am trying to make for my class. I have searched all over youtube and the forums and was not able to find any solutions.

Let me explain by what I want to do… I have a student who wants two buttons (Left arrow, right arrow), they then want an imagine (spaceship) and they want this image to go left when u push left and go right when you push right.

I have tried so many ways of code inside thunkable and can not get it to work. Can anyone help me please?

Use two buttons and a canvas. Either

  • On button down set speed of your character sprite to 1 and orientation to 0 (or 180)
    On button up set speed of your character sprite to 0
  • On button click set character sprite x position to x position + 1 (or - 1)
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Hello, thank you for the reply. I am still having trouble. I believe you can not do this in IOS, because I can not add a canvas.

Please advise!


To add canvas, copy the code from the attached file and paste it into the text box shown below.

canvas.txt (675 Bytes)


Oops, did not see the category. Then try it with a WebViewer as @actech proposed