Making a button "unclickable"

Hello - Perhaps i am wrong. But i dont understand how i could implement this one for me.

Use case is this.

One button shall be given a letter (Which it Does perfectly)
But i want to prohibit this letter to be changed - So i use the Disable button feature.

The Problem is that the Button and the Letter are both given colors which make it almost impossible to “see”

In the early days of App inventor - i could set that button to any color,
(As well as the color of the button letter) and still have the Button disabled.

User shall immediately see and understand that they shall not click that button as it should not be changed anyways…

So the need is: Set to Disabled, using color that I want - both for Button and Button text

Cant this be fixed really??
Appreciate if Thunkable reconsidered this one.

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Hey @stefansladdeneng1 - going to move this over to it’s own topic.

Basically, you want to retain the style of the button but have a condition in your app such-that sometimes when the button is clicked, nothing will happen, but other times the blocks run are normal.

Is that right?

How many buttons in your project need this functionality?

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Hi there, Quick reply - Appreciated :smiley:

What i am after is - that the button acts and look like it is defined already.
And if set to Disabled - I decide if i want it to change in button color and text color.
in simple words - The Thunker bulder should be the one decide how a dicabled button shold look like.
No one else.

In my project there is a random pick for 1 button out of 25 - However that should be possible in any use case i think …

SO, when app starts - 1 button of 25 is randomly chosed to be given a certain letter and be disabled.
And I as a programmer should be the one deciding (as always) the look and feel for that disabled button.

Lot of text - But i hope i clarified just a little anyways…
Let me know if you have any more questions

PS A change of this would make my day…every day DS :smiley:


You can do that easily in DnD.
Place the button anywhere in the screen then place a Group component on top of it. The group should be slightly larger in size.

Now, programmatically, control the group component visibility. When true any click will be on the group instead of the button and will give the effect that the button is disabled.
When you set the group visibility to false you will hide the group and therefore will give the effect that the button is enabled.

Hi Muneer
Appreciate this perfectly logical suggestion. Never thought of that, but of course a grate option. :pray:

It does mean i need to have a group element per button, in other words another 25 items to program the logic around. Doable but a worksround.

Is there no chance that we can get the funtionality developed for the button itself you think? I mean, after all that was the case in the MIT version and also in thunkable first versions before the changes started, if i remember correctly… :grinning:

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I’m not working for Thunkable and do not have access to their internal list of upcoming enhancement and features therefore I would leave this question to anyone of the @Thunkable_Staff to answer.

Thank you Muneer
Much appreciated…

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This is certainly something I can pass along to our eng team for a future update!

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That would be great, Conroy.
Somwhat i have a feeling that it is just to remove the limitations set to such button, as it did not exist in the first place - Perhaps you can push for a quick fix…


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Any news on this one Conroy!?

@stefansladdeneng1 Thanks for checking in. I don’t have visibility into this feature request coming this quarter. We’re currently prioritizing some larger new features for Thunkable and issues that do not have any work-around at all.

Keep checking though! I do anticipate having a new system for bug and feature requests coming this quarter.

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