Make OneSignal push notification to user according to the date/time input by the user

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make an app that will push notifications according to the date/time input by the user. Right now, I am trying to do that via OneSignal, but I couldn’t figure out how would I let OneSignal know the time to send. Or how to trigger OneSignal to push template notifications by adding Thunkable blocks?

With all that been said, please don’t let me limit your ideas. My original plan was the app will make a sound according to the date/time input by the user. (yes, like an alarm.) However, after google it for hours, it seems I can’t do that if the app is not open. I am not sure if this is still true or not. But anyway, my goal is the same no matter what kind of method is using.

Goal: Let the device make sound and notification (or some sort of way to get the user’s attention) according to date/time input by the user.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @chc0123lcs

I don’t think there is a way to do this with the current push notifications component.

Did you consider using the Time Input to set an alert time within the app itself?

Could you use an existing calendar API (Google has one) to create an event with an alert? That would require the user to have whatever calendar synced on their phone and allowed to do alerts, but it might get you what you need?

Oh ugh, sorry for bumping the ancient thread. I didn’t realize I was looking at the ‘related threads’ list when I clicked it!

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