Looking help for showing pins on a map with fuel station locations


I’ve created an app to show fuel sites on a map using Google Sheets as the data source but can’t get it to show the pins on the map. Can anyone help and see where I am going wrong?


My guess is that your loops are too fast. You’re asking Thunkable to access a cloud-based data source in milliseconds each time it iterates through the loop. That’s not going to work.

Try adding a Wait block inside of your loops. Start with Wait 1 then decrease incrementally to 0 to see what works.

Have you confirmed that you’re seeing the values you expect from Google Sheets? I would do that before trying to add pins to a map.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Currently, no pins are showing on my map, that’s where I’m not sure whats gone wrong.

My data is fine in the google sheets data store too. See below.

So where is it that the wait block would go here? Sorry btw, I’m fairly new to Thunkable so dont understand it completely yet