ListViewer's text color is darker!

There’s an issue on LisViewer’s text color. It looks darker than previous version.
Please help me solve this issue. And please don’t tell me to change the background, because my customer will not trust me anymore…

This is the previous version.

and this is the current version, it almost invisible. The texts is darker than previous version.

Help me please!!

and there is one more issue about white part of status bar on this topic I’m looking forward to see the the improvement. Thank you.

@boomdaba1232rbid this is not possible with the ListViewer:

Can you use the Data Viewer instead? A custom layout will allow you to assign any colour you like!

@domhnallohanlon When I download my app the text is darker than thunkable live

You don’t need to add a feature to change text color
But this is bug!

I just want it’s color to be as usual

I can’t because my data is on firebase.

Its color has never been an issue for me ,whether it looks dark But i still see it. Until today I downloaded it. It was darker that I couldn’t read it.

@boomdaba1232rbid you can also connect data viewer layouts to Firebase. Check out this helpful tutorial by @drted

thanks but I really confused after watch that tutorial.
It sounds great! but if it easy to connect to firebase like listviewer I’ll do it immediately.

let me know if you have a video tutorial.

but now I have to use listviewer and look forward to the solution.
it’s just darker than before.

and in the future if data list viewer is connet to firebase easier than this I’ll try to do it.

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Go to the background colour in the advance tab and make it lighter than the existing one which should solve the issue. Untill Thunkable corrects the issue.


What @boomdaba1232rbid states is that something that used to look in a certain way no longer looks that way without him changing anything in his app. You need to appreciate the fact that he spent time designing a beautiful app the way he has and now that something has changed, it is messing up his app and his relationship with his customer. The reason why he used the List Viewer is irrelevant. He used the List Viewer because he used the List Viewer and that is the end of the story. It is not his fault he used the List Viewer because when he decided to do so, it was working well for him and it is nobody’s business why he did what he did. Now, if something changed in the platform which changes the way the List Viewer looks, that is not his mistake. There might be numerous reasons why he does not want to use a Data List Viewer and the bottom line is that nobody can dictate how an application should change because something in the platform changed. We all need to understand that some of us are trying to build serious apps which we will then try to make money off of and at some point we need to be very very very careful when it comes to change management. Since @boomdaba1232rbid can prove with before-after screenshots that the List Viewer looks different than before, it is a bug and that is the end of the discussion. If on every single platform update things “change” without prior notice then I am sorry to say but this is not a characteristic of a reliable platform. We have seen this before multiple times with the most recent example being the default font color on Android which switched overnight from black to grey! When this was reported, the response was along the lines of “You are doing it wrong” and “Deal with it”.

The thing is that nothing compares to Thunkable when it comes to how easy it is to build apps with it; really, nothing comes even close. But what is really killing the platform is the lack of change management and user-oriented support and service. Oftentimes, in similar cases with something not working as before, the responses range from “you are wrong”, “why are you doing what you are doing the way you are doing it?”, “what is the app you are trying to build about?” (even if that’s irrelevant to the problem or its solution), “you have to find a new way to do it” to “you need to live with it”. I am so, so sorry but everyone needs to understand if Thunkable is a platform for experimentation or if it is a platform for serious business. I hope it is the latter.

So coming back to this specific issue, he is using the List Viewer because when he built his app it was working in an acceptable way and no longer does, without him changing anything. Period. This is a bug, it needs to be fixed in the backend and it should be a priority vs. other initiatives like building the Drag’n’Drop interface which imho, it is as wrong as enabling the Web app interface was.

Bugs impacting pre-existing components should be the developers’ top priority as they are braking things which are already in use by tens, if not hundreds of apps built on Thunkable and are pending new releases. It is really worrying that there is a looooooooong bug backlog on GitHub to the point of people losing their incentive to report new bugs there and instead trying to find someone from the Thunkable staff in the forum to help them out. Luckily, there are a couple of good guys out there who are willing to help and we are very grateful they are there for us. But this needs to become the norm and not the exception. I am still waiting since 5 months already to release an app update because of the Status Bar color bug on iOS and I have gotten used to be embarrassed in front of my client (a government organization btw) with the multiple-start bug while seeing resources being assigned on releasing new features when old ones are broken. This is just plain wrong!

I am looking forward for your pov and I am sorry if the above sounds too emotional but at some point, the fact-based truth has to be said.

Thank you


Thank you so much @Deluxe
You help me a lot!
That’s what I’m going to say.
I’m not good at English and sometimes I tried to use Google translate. It might be difficult to understand my sentences.

You said everything in my heart.
Thank you.:sob:

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I’ve tried it already, but it looks ugly :sob:

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I understand. You are left with only @Thunkable_Staff to fix the issue from their side.

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Thank you.

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Hi there. The Data List Viewer can be made to look just like the list viewer and better. However, some additional coding is required to get it to work. If you are interested in that, let us know. We will be happy to help.


@Deluxe Yes I really interested in that, but it too difficult for me. But if you can help I will be happy and thank you so much for your help.

It would be great if you had a video tutorial.
Or teach me step by step.

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