List all device pictures (nice look) from firebase

Hello there,
I want to make an application like smart home apps … each user accesses the application with their own username (firebase authentication) and can register their device in the device list on firebase.
I have done this app and now user can see their devices on the main page like standard thunkable list viewer.
I would like to show the device list with a nice look as shown below.

Is there any free way to do this in thunkable?

Sounds doable! Thunkable doesn’t have icons built in, but you could look at icons8 or flaticon - they’ve got lots of free-with-attribution icons.

You could get a layout like that with a data viewer grid.

…aaaaand… I necroposted on an old thread. Sorry. Discourse’s decision to show me related old threads keeps messing me up.

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Before you go too far with this… have you made sure you can connect to all of those devices from your mobile device using Thunkable? I would think that would be very difficult.