Learn Shapes the shape game



My app Learn shapes is on play store :tada:

This is an award winning game and got second place in YICTE :grin:

please send me comments

this link is cached but it’s the best I could do


A minute for science

hello anyone there?




Hi @Bhaveshyien_Thyagana, why aren’t you linking to your actual Play Store listing??


My computer blocks it :frowning: sorry


LearnShapes.apk (3.9 MB)

Since I can’t provide a link I will provide an apk for the app, This is an award-winning game and got me second place in YICTE :grin:

please send me comments


Also please don’t replicate it it has taken me three months to make
and (btw this app is also two years old when I first started thunkable and now I need feedback to make bigger and better apps :smiley: )


Can You Send Me Some screenshoots