🎉 Latest Thunkable ✕ Release; Responsive Web Apps and Keep Screen On! 2020-04-23

Hey Thunkers! :wave:

Last month we released a new feature giving you the ability to publish your project as a mobile web app.

This means that you can publish your app, directly (and instantly!) to the web. You don’t need to any developer licenses and you don’t have to wait for anyone to review your app.

One thing that a lot of you wanted was the ability to have a fully responsive web app - so we built it!

Responsive Web Apps

You now have the added option to deploy your Thunkable project as a responsive app that will scale across different screen sizes.

Read more about this in the docs:


Keep Screen On

Another feature that you’ve been asking for (for a little while now) is the ability to keep the screen on, even when a user isn’t interacting directly with your app.

We really appreciate all your incredible feedback, so we’ve added a new block to the Device blocks that lets you do just that.

Hope you enjoy these new features, let us know what you’re building with them!


Way to go #teamThunkable!!!

Thank you guys! This is awesome. Now I can give my users a way to view certain things in a more user friendly way! Things like a user dashboard for data viewing

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This is amazing! I am guessing the feature hasn’t been fully rolled out yet as it is still only possible to publish as a regular web app?

Otherwise very excited to use this feature and I will definitely be implementing this into websites!

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You should be able to see both of these (but I can only see one on my non-admin account now that you mention it?)

Let me take a look and see what’s up.

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The live test shows the Responsive feature which appears to work for me.

The publish screen shows this:


(I cleared website cache and restarted chrome)



Issue also persists when creating a new project.

@eoinparkinson Please check again :slight_smile: these two options should be visible now.



This is amazing!

Thanks team Thunkable!

P.S. I have been less online lately - coz I am working on something big - upcoming days would reveal it :smiley_cat:


@wei it works on my end now. Thank you for your hard work!

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Here is a rough sample of how we can make things look using mostly responsive settings.

I am able to create a dashboard for better data visualization for my app users.

giphy (22)


Interesting how you got the list on the left of the screen. Did you just add this as it would look in portrait and it looks nice in landscape then?

No. i used % to set all components except for the height of the list viewers. the column for the listviewers is 30% width, 100% height of the row that it’s in.

maybe you can see here

the design screen looks like this. it’s not the easiest, but workable



Very interesting. I shall do some of my own experimenting on this!


Do it! Post what you make here!

and on twitter :wink:


So I have been able to preview the apps I am building But I am unable to publish. When I have tried to publish as a webapp, this is the error I recieve.



I like the idea of the Responsive Web Apps :clap: but I see that It is not possible to use the Thunkable URL inside of an HTML iframe and this appears to be because of the X-Frame-Options Policy (mentioned also in this post PWA's and webviewer access?).

So, my question is if there is any solution to use the Thunkable URL - that works fine directly in the browser, also inside of an HTML iframe.

Thank you!


Hey @io.nut.ilie

We’re looking into this at the moment.

Can you tell us a little more about how you would use this if it were “embeddable” with an iFrame?

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hi @domhnallohanlon,

I need the embeddable function too,
i need to embed web pro url to my blog, so reader can “hand on” the app on my website without redirect to thunkable website


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Thank you, @domhnallohanlon.

The Mobile Web App it is not embeddable and I have to use also the only version of the phone that Thunkable provides it.

I want to integrate some app functions, generated with Thunkable inside other larger projects and to integrate it the specific UI/UX. To do that, I need to use the Responsible Web App inside my design.

Thank you.

p.s. now, it looks like this:

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